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Personalized patches or badges are essential accessories for personalizing your clothes, bags or accessories. These promotional items are highly appreciated for their high visibility and their ability to get your message across to a wide audience. Whether to promote your company, association or event, or to easily identify members of a sports team or staff, thesew-on orscratch patch is an effective and original way of getting your message across. Choose the size, shape, colors and design of your personalized badge to create a unique object.

Gendarmerie crest? Military crest? You are in the right place! With over 26 years’ experience, we can create your own customized patch.

Embroidered patch

This embroidered crest is created using an ornamental machine that passes threads (cotton, silk, gold, silver or wool) through a needle or hook onto a patterned fabric. Very popular at trade fairs and events, with universities and colleges, or for sports teams, embroidered patches are extremely robust and can be used to personalize any fabric item, such as a t-shirt, sweatshirt, cap, bag or even jeans.

Woven badge

Unlike embroidered patches, weaving is the process of assembling threads on a loom to produce a warp and weft fabric. It involves interweaving warp threads* (threads stretched lengthwise across the loom) and weft threads* (threads stretched widthwise across the loom).

PVC badge

With this PVC badge, you can turn any sweatshirt, bag or cap into a long-lasting, high-quality personalized goodie . In fact, its soft silicone-treated PVC material offers a soft touch and foolproof flexibility.

Print badge

Choosing a personalized print patch is the assurance of having a patch with an extremely high level of detail. This level of detail is achieved thanks to HD digital printing, with no color or content limits. Everything can be reproduced on each side of this version: photos, multiple color gradations. The base fabric is identical to the weave version, very smooth and fine, so that even the smallest details can be seen at their best on your personalized patch.

Leather badge

The leather patch offered by Olmagi is a customizable leather patch made from genuine leather dyed in the Pantone color of your choice. The leather material of this type of sewing patch offers a high-end, sober and solid finish to the surface on which it will be placed.

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